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Song for Asmamix

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Song for Asmamix

Indlæg by Thomas Darwill on Lør 13 nov 2010 - 20:43

Behind those Gently Eyes

Can it be so hard to be by your side,
Can it be so hard to make your dream come true.

You look at me, sometimes I don’t know why
Oh Those eyes of yours, make me belive
that there might be something to us alone.
But where in this world, and why this time?
Wish I could spole back and make the things come true.

I give you a lot of things, but what ever I do
Oh You falling down, trying to grab you
but no matter what I do you falling into those hands
Why this time, Why now, you’re an angel
I’m the devils, god maded us to hate eachother.

Can it be so hard to be with you,
Can it be so hard to make the differnece come true.

What ever we do, its seems like the destiny is with you
Oh Im the dying ghost who is send to hell as the demon self
we took so long, to let us see what the really truth would be.
But why us, what have we done to make this come along?
Wish the things was different, wish the rose could cry us a river.

We gave up a lot of things, I the cruel human
Oh you better watch out, see where your destiny ends
The pretty face is just a mask inside the monster will grow
Angel hold you back you might see me as a master.
Why do you belive, Why are you the godness self
dosent seems like my cruel horns make you scream

Can it really be like that,
Can you really see behind this madness.

Sidst rettet af Clash Lør 13 nov 2010 - 20:56, rettet 1 gang
Thomas Darwill
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Re: Song for Asmamix

Indlæg by Gæst on Lør 13 nov 2010 - 20:53

*Prøver ikke på at besvime* F-Fantastic!
... I would just... say that...*Besvimer*


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