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Vi befinder os i en fiktiv by, kaldet Di Morga, som er beliggen i Frankrig. Dette sted, vrimler med forskellige væsner, hvis eksistens er ukendt for den omgivende verden, der ikke er klar over de mange racer der befinder sig i verdenen udover nogle typiske mere kendte: Vampyrer og Varulve. I denne by lever de forskellige væsner side om side med hinanden. Dette resulterer i forskellige slag imellem disse, som ofte leder til et større tumult i byen. Tidsperioden er i vor nutid, placeret i Frankrig.

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ZapdosZulu, pokemon RPG

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ZapdosZulu, pokemon RPG

Indlæg by Tarlar on Tors 12 jul 2018 - 21:24

Hi, I'm Tarlar.

Enter a familiar world where old is new once more. Where every man, woman, and child dreams of glory and where Legends and Myths collide. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Starting in Johto with one of our three starters...

Do you have what it takes to reach to the pinnacle of Elitedom?

We are a Heart Gold/Soul Silver Pokémon RP based heavily on the games, but you do not need to have played them to enjoy ZapdosZulu! We have comprehensive guides, our own original quest lines, adjusted wild encounters on every route for an array of Pokémon to catch early on, and a wonderfully supportive, open, and friendly community from many corners of the world!

A simple and player-friendly battle system! You only worry about the RP, Mods handle all of the numbers.

Trainer Shops and Bases! Enjoy your own private Treasure Hunts, even grow your own berries!

Includes Pokémon from all Gens! Plenty of event giveaways and breeding or trading opportunities to collect all your favorites.

Generate extra income for your character by offering your services or selling items through your personalized store. Or, have fun gambling in our various casino games. Slot machines, roulette, high/low even connect 4!

Gogoat races are held at the end of every month! Lottery draws & Buena Password games are also available.

Become a member of the nefarious Team Rocket, complete with exclusive missions and goodies! Or tryout for the International Police Force!

We're at 11 Years and Still Going Strong!

If you mention me as your recruiter, you will get a Gardener Pikachu!


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