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Vi befinder os i en fiktiv by, kaldet Di Morga, som er beliggen i Frankrig. Dette sted, vrimler med forskellige væsner, hvis eksistens er ukendt for den omgivende verden, der ikke er klar over de mange racer der befinder sig i verdenen udover nogle typiske mere kendte: Vampyrer og Varulve. I denne by lever de forskellige væsner side om side med hinanden. Dette resulterer i forskellige slag imellem disse, som ofte leder til et større tumult i byen. Tidsperioden er i vor nutid, placeret i Frankrig.

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Jay Wu

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Jay Wu

Indlæg by Jay Wu on Man 10 jul 2017 - 0:53

Jay Wu
Name;Jay Wu
Existence;500 or so years
Body Age;27 years
Race;Spiritual Demon

He has a very slender body, however very trim. He cares somewhat for his apperenace, but wouldn't say that he follows the latets trend. He find retro things fascinating, be it cloth, jewlery or tattos.

He has an asian appereance, with narrow hodded eyes, somewhat busy but thin eyebrows. The nosebridge is a little narrow, while he has upwards turned nostrils. He has very short black hair, and the ears are a little pointy with jug-ears.

The mouth is a little full, with a red color to them. His face contains a square facestructure, with high cheekbones and flat cheeks. The chin is rather wide, and appears to have a little cliff.

He is not cable of getting much beard, only on the upperlip and a little on the chin.

He has long slender fingers, and about four tattos, one his back, a drawlined tiger, one behind his left ear, which looks like an abstract shrimp with a pattern on its shell. On the little finger on his right, he has little dot.


Overall, is Jay a very down to earth person, however he gets super excited about old school stuff, and carnevals. He is not quite sure why, but it just brings forth his inner child.

He loves making pranks on people, and see how they react just to see the next reaction for when he reveals that it was all a joke.

He likes to go places, and see a punch of different kinds of stuff. As a friend, he will come anyone to rescue even if its the smallest thing, and is rather forgiving.

He is not the most romantic type, as he has never been in any real relationships, other than with hookers, and simple one nightstands. He is afraid of the commitment, and doesn't like the feeling of having someone controlling him, and the way he acts.

Magic, strength & weakness

Magic I: Unknown

Magic II: Unknown

Magic III: Unknown

Magic IV: Unknown

Strength I: Curosity

Jay is a very curious person, who wants to know everything about everything there is to know. Therefore he explores quite a lot in different parts of the world.

Strength II: Boxing

It is well known that Jay likes to be fit, and strong. Therefore he has taken countless of classes in boxing, the past few years his been living in Di Morga.

Strength III: Unknown


Strength IV: Unknown

Weakness I: Amnesia

When Jay got teleported to the human world, by accident he suffered a huge amnesia. He didn't know, where he was, who he was, what he was or what kind of power he was cabable of.

Weakness II: Forgetful

Jay forgets very quickly about things, its not because he doesn't care about his surroundings or things like that, but its simply an sideeffect of having teleportet to Earth.

Weakness III: Sensitivity to light

For some reason, that is him unknown, he is very sensitive to sunlight, his skin dries up faster when its sunny, and he gets dizzy and can't seem to focus on objects. This is ofc due to his spiritual demon blood, but his sensitivity is way stronger than a normal spiritual demon's.

Weakness IV: Deaf on the left ear

Jay is deaf on the leaf ear, and can therefore not hear anything on it. This is also due to the events that lead him to earth. He does not use any kind of hearing aid, since nothing seems to work.


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Jay Wu
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