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Vi befinder os i en fiktiv by, kaldet Di Morga, som er beliggen i Frankrig. Dette sted, vrimler med forskellige væsner, hvis eksistens er ukendt for den omgivende verden, der ikke er klar over de mange racer der befinder sig i verdenen udover nogle typiske mere kendte: Vampyrer og Varulve. I denne by lever de forskellige væsner side om side med hinanden. Dette resulterer i forskellige slag imellem disse, som ofte leder til et større tumult i byen. Tidsperioden er i vor nutid, placeret i Frankrig.

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i light up the fire ( Poet/song )

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i light up the fire ( Poet/song )

Indlæg by James on Tirs 28 feb 2017 - 15:31

a lot of times, i feel tired, beatet, worn out, like a dying soldier, in the field, tired of wars and fighting.
i feel weak, and like a whimp, i feel like i just wanna give up, take my life, ending my pain and my sorrow.
but i need to get up, fight another battle, search inside for the fire that is burning bright, with the will to fight.
i need to find the inner strengt again, the stamina to get going, the agility to live on.
the motivation not to give up, and not be a quitter, because so many people love me, i know.
i can't fall flat on my face, and collaps to the darkness inside me, i get up!.

i will never give up, as long i have something to live for, those people who lead me a hand in the trouble times.
i say i will fight on, and they believe in me, every time, so i fight on, to not collaps.
im nut just a typical guy, im sick and tired, beatet and frightened, that i not will see dawn raise again.
i take some painkillers, to stop the pain, i sleep to forget my thoughs, of sorrow.
i know i may sound stupid, but i know how most people struggle to stay alive in this wild world.
i was a short time criminal, a soldier of fortune, because i did not have chooice, i was bullied and beatet.

forget the fear, let's go and cry a few tears, then i smile, i run again, i fight ones again.
my dad told me not to cry, so i hide in the alley when it's to much.
but im soon don't give a fuck, i need to keep up, to those that i love and have near me.
so they don't have to fear, for what i do, once's im alone, i never surrender, nor retreat.
i hit another set of training, to forget the thoughs, i race on in the night, to be first at the bar.
just to scout for trouble, as i will forever protect those i love, but who got my back?.

so i fight on, to the roof goes off, til the lights goes out.
till my legs collaps, i can't shut my mouth, warrior to my last breath.
i will rip my body, to be stronger every day, till my bone collaps, then i head on again.
till the house collaps, to the sun is down, i will going on, into the night.
till my arms is down, i will howl like a wolf, for the ulfhednir, till the shut my mouth.
i'ma going to rip this shit, to they get me at least, i will still fight on, for those i love.

music is my way to peace, away from the weak, when i guard my loved ones.
i will never let my fire burn out, that day i collaps as weak and a shrub.
the haters can shut the trap, i will never end my line, i will go on.
i will honor my ancester, my god Fenris, as i fight on into life.
i have some resources i put into those i love, to let them know i be there.
when trouble come, i be there, behind them, guard there backs, agains a stab.

till i collaps, in the dark, tired of running, i will find the fire, in the dark.
to let me know, that i can't give up, i see those people near me, in those flame.
to my last breath, i will live on, going on, smile and see those in the fire.
till the smokes clear, and i see those near my, i know i can get up, once again.
i will forever put lumbers onto the fire, to let the light shine brighter.
to let people know im still here, in the light.
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Re: i light up the fire ( Poet/song )

Indlæg by Gæst on Man 6 mar 2017 - 2:48

It´s beautiful


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Re: i light up the fire ( Poet/song )

Indlæg by James on Tirs 7 mar 2017 - 21:15

mange tak :D
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Re: i light up the fire ( Poet/song )

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